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Spam Policy

Unsolicited commercial email, otherwise known as "spam," can be an aggravating experience on the Internet. That's why spamming activities run counter to our goal of providing premier hosting and small business services. As a result, we have a zero-tolerance policy for spam.

Abuse of our hosting services, which includes spamming activities, violates our Terms of Service. We take spamming very seriously and will immediately terminate--without warning--the account of any member who spams.

We are not attempting to censor or curtail the business of our members. But on the whole, spamming activities hurt all members as well as our hosting service.

Inappropriate email activities that are also examples of spamming include:

  • Commercial email--defined as sending unsolicited commercial emails. You are not permitted to use your Web hosting account or email alias to send unsolicited commercial email. In addition, you can't use your Web hosting email address alias to collect responses from unsolicited commercial email. This includes using a free email account to promote your Web site and redirectors for the same account.
  • Mail bombing--defined as sending large volumes of unsolicited email to individuals. Again, you are not permitted to use your Web hosting account to send unsolicited email.
  • Harassment--defined as sending threatening or harassing email after being requested to stop. Extremely threatening or harassing email is never allowed.

We will immediately delete the account of any member who conducts these activities. You will have no warning or second chance. Many of these activities are also illegal. We will report such violations to the proper local, state and federal authorities, who may prosecute the case to the full extent of the law.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


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